About Me

I’m Stephanie and I’ve been married to Scott for 25 years and we have 5 kids and one son-in-law! Our lives are crazy busy but we love it!

What started it all?

In 2008, I found myself at the beginning of a journey. I watched as cancer slowly took my father until he lost the battle in 2010.

I remember how helpless we all felt over his diagnosis and the ensuing harsh treatments. As I began researching alternatives for him I became overwhelmed with all the information out there and disgusted at how natural therapies where being silenced.

Observing my dad’s struggle, I realized I didn’t want the same story for myself and I for sure, didn’t want cancer to be part of my children’s story!

I chose a path many don’t have time and money for – I spent two years of intense studying to became a Naturopath, Master Herbalist and Certified Natural Health Professional in 2011. Through my education, my eyes were opened! I COULD make changes to protect my body from cancer. The mystery was removed–it wasn’t too difficult to understand!

I moved from overwhelmed and helpless to feeling EMPOWERED! Best of all, my fear and dread were replaced with HOPE!

I want that for you! AND I’m here to tell you – YOU don’t have to go back to school to change your story!


My mission is to help others take the mystery out of living a cancer-free life. I want to help give you the practical tools for living healthy and empower you to take control!

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Each month you’ll find:

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