Here’s my crew at my son’s college graduation in May 2017

About Me

I am the creator and coach here!

If you are anything like me you are busy chasing kids from one sport or activity to the next watching your bank account drain from lessons, uniforms, cleats, lunch money and so much more!

My husband, Scott, and I have been married 25 years and have five awesome children. FIVE! So I know what it feels like to have no energy and yet miss out on sleep worrying about bills.

My resume is full of odd things from wedding planner to school board member to naturopath but my first job has always been my family. On any given day you’ll find me on the sidelines cheering on one of my kiddos!

Over the years I tried a few different network marketing companies to boost our budget but was never successful. While network marketing has a less than stellar reputation, I’ve always believed in the business model and thought I just needed to find the right company. I found a wonderful company with wellness products that have rocked our world and kept us healthy for over six years now!

(learn more about my Wellness Coaching HERE)

It’s my passion to see other women see success in their health, but also in life! I want YOU to have wellness, purpose and abundance!

On the blog you’ll find the information you need to realize all your goals–in health & business!


p.s. I’d love to get to know you ~ Say hello in the comments!

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