Back to school brings up so many topics, but what if your child is struggling with ADD? Do you feel pressured with school starting to turn to medications?

Listen to this thoughtful and wise response from Val at The Proverbs Family to a mom wondering this same thing.

“I will be bold enough to say to first pray over the child. If there is any demonic influence, we all have the authority in the Name of Jesus to cast it out. Don’t ever think your child is not capable of having something of this nature. The Bible says in Ephesians 6:12 “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high *places*.

And, don’t forget, that you can pray and fast for deliverance of this problem. Sometimes, we have to fast to see results.

I would start with working on any heart issues second. Discipline with love always. Never just not discipline for something that is a sin. Keep at it, and you will see good fruits.

Next, you hit up the entertainment industry. Stop t.v. all together or at least just put on something that is wholesome and not against the Word of God. Have you ever noticed how much magic and sorcery is hidden in even the best cartoons? The devil is sneaky and out to steal our children. Music, computer, games, all of it needs to be carefully selected if you don’t want bad fruits from it to show up in your child’s behavior.

Then, eliminate food dyes from the diet and sugar. And, of course, caffeine.

It is also good to take a look at their friends. Don’t isolate yourselves to the point of having no one, but be careful of the bad apples that can spoil your child’s heart.

The last thing our family would ever do personally is go for medication to mask something. That is what that medication does, it masks a problem. It does not cure it. Finding out the reason for the problem will cure it.

Not saying you haven’t already done all of these things, but this is the advice I give every single person I’ve ever met on this subject. I’ve been doing daycare work for over a decade and this advice has yet to fail when followed. I also usually tell them to homeschool, but you’re already covering that : )

My husband was a youth pastor for 21 years and an elder in his church. His church body would take children under the influence of these psychotic medications and pray over them. Instead of accepting that the child was damaged goods, they prayed over these children. Many children were delivered of a life-long battle with mental illness simply because the church was willing to pray over them. They refused to believe that any child was not fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our loving Father. Your child is also made perfectly in God’s image. And, I strongly encourage you to stay focused on that. Seek His wisdom in how to fix this without man’s medicine. He will show you what to do. If you don’t have a church, I would certainly encourage you to find one. I wish I had a good hand-laying-on-spirit-filled one to recommend, but I’m sure some of the others folks here would know of one. If anything, you are welcome to reach me privately. My husband and I would be glad to physically pray over your child with you. Bless you!”

*Note: this was from an email and Val approved me sharing here. I hope it blesses someone!

Back to School: ADD?
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