This vision and mission statement has been on my website for a long time! But I just recently put it in a prominent place on the home page!

Vision: To restore a Biblical-based ministry of health by providing resources and training while building a community of like minded Christians.

Mission: To awaken and educate people about God’s medicine and inspire them to transform their temple so they can live as honorable vessels that are useful to the Master. 1 Cor 3:16; 2 Tim 2:21

NOW, I’m starting to see a vision for how to accomplish this!

(I first shared my prayer request and a bit of my dream HERE)

Let’s talk about what I see for this physical oasis of Hope:

A warm, inviting place…

where you feel recharged and refreshed!

I want this place to be CHRIST-centered in all it does. When people start looking into natural or alternative health they are most often blasted with New Age and I want believers to know there are other sources of good info!

I want to promote and teach health in body, soul and spirit! So plenty of classes and one-on-one help all from a biblical worldview.

I’d like to have a quiet room for prayer. A place that people share their requests and prayer warriors that come and pray regularly!I’d love to see a reading nook and share my ever-growing library!

There would be self-serve therapies to help empower you to take control of your health! This is just an idea of items… aromatherapy oxygen bar, Thermotherapy, Rife Machine, Ionic Foot Baths, Whole Body Vibration, Zyto Biocommunication Health scanning….the ideas are endless!

And wouldn’t it be great to have smoothies, tea and even kombucha on tap! So that you could get an awesome healthy drink while you hang out!

And there would be myself and other practitioners that could offer classes and one-on-one counsel to make sure you reach all your wellness goals! We would be there to support and empower you (not to replace a doctor!)

Lastly, this would operate as a private membership wellness club. I’ll have to explain all the benefits to that in a future post. But for the short answer – it will allow more freedom in what our members can help each other with.

That’s all for today!


p.s. I also have ideas for printed booklets and helps so that others can duplicate this! Wouldn’t it be awesome to see these all over the place!

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Casting a Vision

2 thoughts on “Casting a Vision

  • Stephanie, I love the vision! I’m praying for support and guidance so that you can proceed with these plans. This place would offer such comfort and peace to those in need! I don’t know what we can do from here – but if you think of something, just ask! By the way, I know your Dad would be so proud of you and the accomplishments in your work – a vision I know both of you shared!

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