If you know anything about natural health, you know that certain government agencies make life difficult for anyone who tries to manufacture, promote or sell anything that may help people. They make many restrictions as to what one can do and say. In the end, it seems we can say very little!

Even though I’ve talked with many people and heard so many awesome testimonies about improved health–I will no longer be able to share this information in a public forum.

Am I afraid or discouraged?


I will not stop sharing. I know that God has created all we need and will diligently seek out His health plans for me and will continue to share what I’ve learned, researched and experienced with others. I’m excited to refine my focus on God’s standards and doing so in a way that brings Him glory.

However, this will now be done in a different format. You may notice that many blog posts are not available. In my search for solutions I have decided to operate in a private membership association. Government agencies have very limited jurisdiction over 1st and 14th amendment private membership associations. By being in a private membership association, I am free to serve other members with the help they seek.

It’s my hope to have details posted by the end of October on how you can join the private membership association ~ Stay Tuned!

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I will not stop sharing… but changes are coming

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