Monthly Cultivating Change Challenge Group

cultivating changeI am looking for women who want to be a healthier & happier version of themselves! This isn’t just about fitness or eating either but includes ALL of you ~ body, soul and spirit!

I’m not perfect, I’m not where I’d like to be….but I’m trying to set a good example and improve myself daily…

The times in my life when I’ve had the most success is when I’ve had accountability!!! Are you the same way?

My heart is to see us (yes, me too!) cultivate the daily habits that can multiply and result in the changed lives we desire!!!

If you are ready to make a change, I am committed to guiding & equipping you with the tools it takes to cultivate that change!

Join me on August 1st for my next 30 Day Online Accountability Group. We will focus on daily time with God, fitness, and clean eating in a private online group setting — it’s a journey to a new and improved YOU! You’ll get TONS of motivation and support from me as your coach and from other ladies in the group who are working towards the same goals.



*You are tired of feeling uncomfortable in your own skin

*You know you would have more energy in ALL areas of your life if you got into better shape

*You must want to be a MORE CONFIDENT, HAPPIER, and HEALTHIER version of yourself

*You are ready to commit to your spiritual life by being up early for daily prayer

*You are up for working out at home for 30 minutes a day most days of the week

*You are game for eating yummy, healthy food to fuel your body

*You will participate in our private Facebook group for a few minutes each day

*You will log your food, exercise and healthy habits in the provided “Cultivating Change” journal

*You are OK with not being perfect, but are committed to making each day better than the last



If you are 100% ready to make this change in your life, end the frustration, get the results you deserve, and can make a small investment in YOURSELF, I would love to chat with you!

*Feel free to share this accountability group with someone you know who may be interested in joining – everything is funner with a friend!


Email me now – tell me why you want to join the group and how to best contact you


Want all the nitty gritty?!? Here’s even more details…

What kind of things can you expect in our private Facebook group and what kind of accountability???

1. I want us all to work on our personal development and that starts with our spiritual journey. You’ll often find me posting from my personal walk and from the “Made to Crave” devotional book

made to crave

2. Morning challenge and sharing opportunity

For Example:

It’s day four!! Forget about those instant results, we are creating a #FITlife so make sure you are checking in to stay accountable 😉

SHARE: What is the first excuse that pops into your head when you are going to start working out? How do you overcome the excuse? Some of you may be over this hurdle so I want you to share how you were able to overcome the excuses and how you push yourself harder during your workout now.

Challenge Day 2

3. Mid-morning Tip

Challenge Tip 7

Lots of misc tips will be shared, like this one:

Toss your scale. That’s right… do not step on it for the REST of this challenge! Your weight is not an accurate measure of the progress you are making. INSTEAD Take weekly photos and measurements so you can see proof of your body changing. ALSO Measure the progress you are making towards your goals by how you feel…strong, energized, and confident!

4. Recipe of the Day

Recipe Of the Day lunch 3

Chicken, Red Quinoa, & Broccoli Asian bowl

5. End of Day & End of Week Accountability Check-in

12 Accountable

For example:

It’s day 12 and here is your friendly reminder to “ROLL with the punches”. Life happens… make the best of it and keep pushing forward! In the comments below share how you did on a scale of 1-5. How was your food (did you stick to a healthy meal plan?), fitness (what workout did you do, or was it a rest day), and planning (did you follow your plan)?!

Private Group

smiling people

This private group isn’t just about me either! You’ll benefit from being part of an exclusive group of ladies, all working together to help each other achieve their health and fitness goals. You’ll receive motivation and friendship in the group, creating long-lasting relationships, trust, and comfort in sharing both struggles and successes.

Cultivating Change Journal

Studies have shown that those who actually journal what they eat…lose more weight! It can be a powerful motivator to have to write down everything you eat!

{And this is not just a weight-loss journal – there is room for lots of other details too}

The “Cultivating Change” Journal is one I designed when I was leading a 12 week weight loss class a few years ago. I recently updated it so that it will accommodate any eating or fitness plan you may be doing. (It sells as a digital product on Etsy) But for my challenge participants I’ll be giving you a printed copy to journal your journey.

SO…Personally, here’s what I’m committing to:

  • Daily personal development – means getting up early and spending time with God
  • Daily exercise for me will be walking or doing Beachbody PiYo program
  • Journaling my eating habits and being mindful of promoting health – low carb is more my focus; I’ll be replacing one meal a day with a Shakeology shake and taking my Slique CitraSlim capsules and daily dose of NingXia Red = all things that help with nutrition and weight loss
  • Healthy habits involving sleep and hydration


If you’d like to participate, you need to be committed to taking action and participating in our private group!

The fee to participate is $30 for the 30 day challenge…a dollar a day to reach your goals!

BUT if you’d like to get a Beachbody program, Shakeology, Slique or NingXia Red products from me I will waive the ENTIRE fee! I truly believe that some of these awesome products will be what helps take you over that hump and give you the boost you need to hit your goals!

Take the first step to reaching your goals and email me now!


Email me now – tell me why you want to join the group and how to best contact you

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