Dear concerned parent, frustrated consumer and anyone else struggling to make healthy changes...

Do you ever wish there was an “Easy” button to living a toxin-free life?

NOW there is!

  • Stop wasting money on toxic products that are increasing your risk of cancer!
  • Stop guessing which products are really safe!
  • Stop feeling overwhelmed with choices!

As a Naturopath, I’ve been researching different health practices and products for over six years and I wholeheartedly endorse Young Living.


~ Their commitment to safe, quality products that you can always trust

~ With hundreds of products available it’s your one-stop online store making it convenient to shop anytime

~ Loyalty reward program that gives you 10-25% back giving you more for your money

A Young Living membership EMPOWERS you to take control of your health!

You can GET STARTED NOW with several starter kit choices.

It just depends on what kind of bottle-swapper you are!

THIEVES KIT: for those that just want to buy a safe alternative

Studies show that your home can be the most toxic place – from the air fresheners to the personal care products to the fabric softener! All those chemicals can add up to create a very unfavorable environment if you are seeking a healthy, happy body! With this kit you can begin the process of transforming your home into a safe, health-promoting place!

Here’s what you’ll receive with the Thieves Kit:

  • 2 bottles of the Thieves Household Cleaner {a concentrate that you can use to clean literally EVERYTHING!}
  • Thieves Mouthwash
  • Thieves AromaBright toothpaste
  • 2 bottles of Foaming Thieves hand soap
  • 2 bottles of Thieves Spray {great for surfaces and great to keep in your purse–absolute necessity while traveling!}
  • 2 bottles of Thieves Hand sanitizer
  • Thieves Essential oil blend
  • Stress Away essential oil blend
  • Samples, catalog and some other literature to get you started
  • Wholesale membership that gives you 24% off the over 400 products Young Living carries
  • the opportunity to participate in the compensation plan and to help others discover greater health & freedom!

PREMIUM STARTER KIT: for the DIY-er who likes to make their own and is willing to try new things

Here’s what you’ll receive with the Premium kit:

  • The Everyday Essential oils box with 10 oils: Peppermint, Frankincense, Lemon, Lavender, Copaiba, Thieves, Purification, PanAway, R.C. and DiGize.
  • The Home Diffuser which combines a humidifier, air purifier and aromatic diffuser in one!
  • Samples of NingXia Red, 10 oil sachets to share with friends and a bonus bottle of Stress Away oil.
  • Wholesale membership with 24% off retail pricing on all Young Living products
  • The opportunity to participate in the compensation plan–allowing you to get your products paid for, save for the future or even replace your income
  • The opportunity to help others discover greater health and freedom!

And you’ll be joining The GLOW team!

The Young Living GLOW team is a wonderful community of support found in a private Facebook group. In the group you’ll see tips, testimonials, videos, news and updates posted daily. Need help? Post a question and you’ll quickly get some help by our community.

Don’t wait any longer–push the EASY button

Go to Young Living’s website and begin creating your account.

(Don’t worry–you never have to sell anything and you are not required to make monthly purchases!)

You’ll want to sign up as a “Wholesale Member” so you’ll always get 24% off retail and available to participate in the Essential Rewards program. (so you can earn free product!)

After filling our your contact information you will need to choose a starter kit.

The Basic kit ($45) comes with a bottle of Stress Away and some samples.

BUT the best bang for your buck is the Premium Starter Kit!

After you choose a Kit it will offer you Essential Rewards

This step of the enrollment says “Pick Your Essential Rewards Kit.” This is an optional program – BUT PLEASE don’t pass it by!


You can select the Premium Kit (with the oils and diffuser) and then ADD the THIEVES kit as an Essential Rewards bonus….so then you get BOTH!!!

It’s the best bang for your buck and truly the best way to transform your entire home!

AND when you get both kits you’ll qualify for the monthly promotion which is usually 2 bottles of free essential oils! (Just ask me about this month’s special!)


If you have questions or need help getting your product ordered, feel free to call or text me so I can walk you through it!



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