I’m not sure if it’s wrong to love coffee….but I so enjoy sitting in the quiet of my house with my Bible and cup of coffee every morning! Yes! It’s a highlight because I get to sit and talk to God, but the coffee is a perk that I’ve come to love along with it.

My story with Organo Gold Coffee

Over the years I’ve looked for healthy alternatives to all the different things in my kitchen and made healthy switches. For my daily cup (or two) of coffee I had switched out regular sugar for raw sugar and cream for coconut milk, but I knew that really wasn’t enough. I decided to try Organo Gold coffee that is infused with ganoderma lucidum, which is the reishi mushroom. After I finished the box, I went back to my regular coffee and instantly realized by the sour stomach and jitters that regular coffee was not my friend! So I hunted down my friend for more coffee! 🙂 for real!

The other perk of Organo Coffee – I can now enjoy a cup after dinner and still sleep soundly! Yay! Another win for the Gold!

I’ve been enjoying the coffee now for over two months and I’m still loving it so thought I’d share more.

Why Organo Gold? Why ganoderma?

I’m enjoying the lack of negative side effects from my regular coffee so much – that’s enough for me to forever ditch my regular coffee! But there are tons of studies on the Reishi Mushroom and I’d encourage you to do a little research. Adding something healthy to something I’m going to drink anyway – is a no brainer for me. I think if you do a quick search on ganoderma or reishi you’ll understand!

Here’s a few links to get you started:





I love that you can get set up as a Preferred Customer and enjoy 25% off retail pricing – without joining as a distributor!

Go to YourHealthyCupofJoe.com to get set up as a preferred customer.

p.s. They have Hot Chocolate and teas as well and if you want the K-Cups to fit in your Keurig….they have those too! What’s not to love!

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Your Healthy Cup of Joe

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