I’ve been working on refining my Vision and Mission in lieu of thinking of opening a wellness center. 

Here’s what I have:

Vision: To see vibrant, healthy believers that shine before men in such a way that others see and glorify the Father who is in heaven

{Matthew 5:16}


Mission: To teach and empower believers to redeem, renew and restore God’s plan for health so they can live as useful vessels for the Master

{2 Timothy 2:21}


The mission is the means to the vision:

To teach – a people committed to teaching others, not relying on experts at the center and encouraging others to always learn for themselves

To empower – teaching in a way that empowers, that encourages self-government in the area of health

God’s Plan for health – teaching health that involves body, soul and spirit; relies on God’s creation of plants, how He made the body to self-heal and other principles taught in the Bible


I want to see a place that sees believers walk in that may be tired, stressed, & weary….and see them walk out refreshed and SHINING!

I’ve also loved this quote by William Bradford.

I love the thought of being one small candle shining…that can light another, and another….each of us doing something small but in the end it shines to sooo many!

So I’m thinking of names with the word SHINE:

Shine Wellness Society

Shine Holistic Health Alliance

Shine Total Wellness 

I can see just the word, SHINE on the building….but a more formal name for the private member association. 

Since this will be a private membership association, I was thinking a name that implied that. First word that comes to mind is ‘club’ but I don’t want to use that with wellness. Then people might think of it as a fitness club.

I was leaning toward “society” and here is the definition:

Websters 1828 Dictionary: “Any number of persons associated for a particular purpose, whether incorporated by law, or only united by articles of agreement; a fraternity. Thus we have bible societies for various objects; societies for mechanics, and leaned societies; societies for encouraging arts, etc.”

Merriam-Webster: “a voluntary association of individuals for common ends; especially : an organized group working together or periodically meeting because of common interests, beliefs, or profession”

What are your ideas?

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Mission, Vision….SHINE?

What do you think?

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