photo (27)I gave up my soda habit almost three years ago now, but oh how I loved it!

And let me just say, it had to be Coke and it had to be in the can. No 2 Liters! And for sure, none of that cheap grocery store brand stuff! YUCK!

Why do I bring this up?

I regularly use some products from a couple network marketing companies and that really rubs some people the wrong way. So I thought I’d address a few concerns.

Network marketing is just a system of selling goods. It isn’t inherently evil. I think people are turned off for two main reasons: high prices and being pressured and nagged by their family and friends.

Today, lets talk price. Let’s look at these boxes of soda. They are the same sugar, carbonated water and caffeine (of course some are full of fake sugar, but we won’t go there.) They will both give you something to wash down your burger and pep you up with caffeine.

If I did my math right, the box of Coke is 71% higher than the Sam’s choice cola.

WHOA! That Coca-cola company is gouging people with high prices! I can get it sooo much cheaper! ¬†Guess they have to pay those big executives!¬†{read sarcasm here, if you didn’t notice}

If you are (or were) a soda drinker–is it worth the higher price?

Well, of course, that’s subjective. Your priority isn’t the same as mine. You may be drinking it for a caffeine fix only and only care how cheap it is. That’s ok, that’s your prerogative! But I wanted to enjoy the taste…and I paid the higher price….gladly!

Can you find products cheaper? ALWAYS!

But can you always find a cheaper product that delivers the same as the original? No

I’m talking specifically about Nature’s Sunshine and Young Living products. I’ve used them with great success. Are they the cheapest? No. But I want quality and I want something that works every time. I’m willing to pay for that. Maybe you just want the cheapest, that’s ok, too. Just don’t slam all MLM’s and say they aren’t worth the price until you try them out!

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Price gouging?
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