A History of Meridian Stress Assessment
– Dr. Dennis W. Remington writes A History of Meridian Stress Assessment

ElectroDermal Analysis – A Scientific Correlation with Pathophysiology
– By: Arthur Dale Ericsson, M.D., Kenneth Pittaway, ND, and Rongjian Lai, M.S.

Remote Health Assessment Using a Frequency-Based GSR Stress Bio-Survey Technology – A Pilot Study in China
– Zeng Qiang, M.D.; W. John Diamond, M.B., B.Ch., M.D.; and William A. Tiller, Ph.D.

A Food Allergy Study Utilizing the EAV Acupuncture Technique
– Julia J. Tsuei, M.D., Carl W. Lehman, M.D., Fred M.K. Lam Jr., M.D. and David A. H. Zhu, M.D.

Repeatability of Measurements of Galvanic Skin Response
– The Open Complementary Medicine Journal, 2013, 5, 11-17

Virtual Medicine
– Sections of Virtual Medicine by Dr. Keith Scott-Mumby. ISBN 0722538235

Corporate Wellness Study – Icon Health and Fitness
– A study published by a major corporation utilizing BioMeridian Equipment. 

Electromagnetic Applications in Medicine
– Panel Members: Becker, Robert O., M.D.; Hazlewood Carlton F., Ph.D.; Liboff, Abraham R. Ph.D.; and Walleczek, Jan, Ph.D. Editors: Rubik, Beverly, Ph.D.; and Flower, Robert G, M.S.

On the Explanation of Electrodermal Diagnostic and Treatment Instruments Part I. The Electrical Behavior of Human Skin.
– Tiller, William A., Ph.D., Stanford University.

Diversity in Biomedical Engineering
– Tsuei, Julia J., M.D.; Chen, Kuo-Gen, Ph.D.; Lam, Frederick M. K. M.D.; and Chou, Pesus, M.D.

Quantitative Analysis of Electrical Skin Conductance in Diagnosis: Historical and current views of Bioelectric Medicine.
– Brewitt, Barbara, PhD.

On the Evolution and Future Development of Electrodermal Diagnostic Instruments
– Tiller, William A., Ph.D., Standford University

EDS: Auto-Regulation & Cell Signal Enhancement
– Brewitt, Barabara, PhD.

Electrophysiological Diagnosis at Terminal Points of Acupuncture Meridians
– Eickhorn, Roland, M.D.; Schimmel, Helmet W., M.D., D.D.S.

Are there Electrical Devices that can Measure the Body’s Energy State Change to an Acupuncture Treatment? Part I, The Meridian Stress Assessment (MSA-21) Device.
– Roberts, Nancy R., Ph.D., Shealy, Norman, M.D., Ph.D., and Tiller, William, Ph.D.

Specific Desensitization to Chemicals: A Pilot Study of 100 Patients.
– Boczko, Miklos L., M.D.; and Caprio, Lawrence J., N.D.

A Review of the History and Scientific Basis of Electrodiagnosis and Its Relationship to Homeopathy and Acupuncture.
– Royal, Fuller, M.D., HMD; and Royal, Daniel, D.O, HMD.

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