Notes about Savvy Minerals from Melissa Poepping

I have uneven skin tone and hyper pigmentation but I get amazing coverage and most people are shocked when I tell them this.

Add another layer until you get the desired coverage.
Prime: Renewal serum & ART light moisturizer
Apply:  Mist the brush 3 sprays, rub brush on back of your hand then pick minerals up off of cap.
To get more coverage: Spray brush 1 time, rub on back of your hand then pick up desired amount of loose minerals from the cap
* Pro tip: Add a few taps of a darker shade to your normal shade

On Titanium Dioxide:
The foundation has none. It’s cosmetic grade in the blush and eye shadow. Even the EWG has pulled its stance on Titanium D. We use NON nano particles.  Food grade TD is an issue, cosmetic grade non-nano particle TD is not in the same category. Any color with shimmer or pink tones will have it. Earth tones like MT dark wont have it. May contain traces of it because it is processed on the same production lines as the other products. Just like some foods regarding peanuts for example.

Fair Warm = Warm 1    Light Warm = Warm 2    Tan Warm = Warm 3
Fair Cool = Cool 1    Light Cool = Cool 2    Tan Cool = Cool 3

The makeup is tested for all heavy metals including nickel. Check out my post on this page about the testing that is done for heavy metals using ICP.

Mica’s are how you get color from earth elements without using synthetic dyes. It limits us on colors, but it eliminates coal tar, petrochemicals and synthetics.

As a rule of thumb, once opened and you begin to use it, different factors contribute to the shelf life and deterioration of the pigment: humidity, light, brush cleanliness etc. Once opened, I would use it within 12 months. Rule of thumb for mascara once opened and used: 3 months . Lips once opened and used: 6 months

Why is it not labeled organic? 
Because minerals are inorganic, organic labeling on minerals is misleading.

What about lead? 
Lead makes it way into cosmetics via synthetic dyes and lake dyes. Savvy Minerals has neither in their lip products, mica’s are used to color the lips (side note: which is why it’s REALLY hard to get a TRUE RED lipstick without dye.) The testing is done three times to make sure that lead and heavy metals are not in the products.

What technique is “foiling”?
Spray the brush tip in eyeshadow and apply and it’s like painting it on, this is called foiling. Since using the Savvy Minerals misting spray for this, I will no longer use my secret formula (Of which we’ll never speak of again 😉 )

Spray the eye shadow brush with the misting spray,then pick up the eye shadow and “paint” the eye shadow on for deep color dimension and lasting power. You can do the same with the eye liners to get a liquid eye liner look. I will also have tutorials on this on “The Savvy Mess”.

Why can we not get red lips?
I (Melissa) worked on a combo for years and never really came close, I wanted so badly to create this for you 2 years ago Christa Smith! It’s just really hard to create TRUE RED without synthetic dye or beetle guts (which then we create an entirely new uproar 😉 )

How can I best color match? 
On the dedicated Savvy Minerals website (coming soon) there is a section YL and myself are working hard on to make this process easy. It explains really well how to tell if you have warm / cool undertone. From there, I’ve always told people to choose “light” as it is most popular color and easiest to correct. So, Cool 2 or Warm 2 will most always be a safe bet unless you can tell from photo’s on fb as you try to help them, that they are more tan.

Why do most mineral makeups make you break out? What makes Savvy mineral different? Bismuth is a metal mineral that when worked into the pores, aggravates the pores and causes irritation and breakouts. Savvy Minerals by Young Living uses Arrowroot Powder and Kaolin Clay. Both are calming to the skin, help to absorb excess oil and moisture on the skin and make the skin feel silky smooth.

How can I learn more? My new fb page: “The Savvy Mess” will have great tips that people can learn and build from. YL will work on more videos as we get new products to do videos with. There are SO many great tools that marketing is working on! My fave is the product cards. I wanted something that acted as a cue card to do fb live videos with confidence and I am SO happy with what they came up with! They had the foundation one in the boutique!

Video links: 
Short and informative tutorial videos on Savvy Minerals: 

  1. Savvy Five Minute Face
  2. Savvy Minerals by Young Living Foundation
  3. How to Make Your Eyes Pop with Savvy Minerals by Young Living 
  4. How to Contour with Savvy Minerals by Young Living

This information and more tips from the Convention can be found HERE


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Savvy Minerals by Young Living

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