I was going through a seven day training  for my ND about 600 miles from home when I was first introduced to Young Living. Most of our days were 8-10 hours of classroom instruction and a little weary on the brain by the end of each day! {Fried is more like it!} At breaks there were people going to a few different people and smelling and rubbing on these oils. Boy did it smell up the room!

At this point in my ND training I hadn’t studied aromatherapy at all. I had done some training in herbology and was totally sold on using different botanical extracts for health. I was intrigued by those tiny bottles of oils, but really thought herbs were my future. I finished my ND and also became a Master Herbalist.

BUT I was intrigued enough to order a small starter kit of oils. Slowly, I began to experience them and try them out. I’m not sure that I had a big AHA moment…I just slowly and slowly started using them more and more. I realized how easy they were to use and how much more powerful the oils could be over dried herbs.

As I started consulting clients on ways to improve their health, I saw how with one company I could empower others to take control of their health and that Young Living gave them all the tools to do that. I was able to take care of my families health while still helping others without being tied down to ‘office hours.’

I love seeing others as the ‘light bulb’ moments happen and to see their excitement. While I set out to become an ND and set up a practice helping clients…I didn’t see Young Living as a business opportunity. I was just content to use quality products that were making a difference in my family. Today, I’m so thankful that the Lord opened a door I hadn’t even considered that came in the form of a tiny bottle of oil!

Could there be a hidden opportunity waiting in your life?opportunity

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Thankful for a Hidden Opportunity

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