The Nutritional Assessment Questionnaire is organized according to a functional hierarchy called the “Foundations of Health.” You will notice that the digestive system is placed at the top of the list ahead of say the kidney and bladder section. This is not to say that the kidney and bladder system is less important. The body has been noted to heal in very clear patterns. It is possible that dysfunction in the kidney or bladder could clear up by treating a dysfunction in the digestive system.

Here are the foundations of health as listed in the “Signs and Symptoms Analysis” by Dicken Weatherby.

The Foundations of Health hierarchy:
1. Proper diet
2. Adequate sleep
3. Proper stress management
4. Optimal digestion, absorption and utilization of nutrients
5. Adequate elimination
6. Optimal tissue minerals
7. Balanced essential fatty acids
8. Proper blood sugar regulation
9. Optimal hydration
10. Adequate vitamin levels
11. Balanced adrenals, thyroid and sex hormones
12. Good cardiovascular health
13. Balanced kidney, bladder and immune systems

This means that you focus the most attention on the symptom burden that is highest up on the functional hierarchy. Even if you have high scores on say the cardiovascular system, if you are also high in the small intestine you need to focus there first. Correcting a problem in the small intestine can impact all the other systems, including the cardiovascular system.

I’ll be sharing more about each how you can support each system so look for specific topics on the right sidebar.

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The Foundations of Health

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