I shared the following on facebook and decided to add it here – to document the journey!

I have a prayer request – I feel very weird sharing it here, but I feel called to share and so I’m being vulnerable and laying it out there!

When I was in the 7th grade I had to write a paper in our Life Science class and I was actually excited about it because we were able to choose the topic. I chose, Atherosclerosis.😂 HA! (you can google it!) Suffice to say, I had a love for the medical field early in life! {My parents loved the show M.A.S.H. so my view may have been a little skewed!}

Skip ahead, Scott and I had our first child and being a mom was a huge blessing. I happily put away dreams of entering the medical field. 😍 God had given me new purpose as a mom!

So skip quite a few more years, to 2009, and that’s when a renewed passion for learning about the body began to stir as I was researching cancer alternatives for my father. Up until that point, I never thought about my absence from the medical field, but now a passion came back that I had when I was young.

When my father was in Arkansas, he was only offered the standard treatments. When those standard treatments didn’t yield good results, the doctors gave him no hope. His last birthday was a very hard one. Somehow, he mustered up some courage to press on and that led him to an alternative clinic in Florida. He spent around 10 weeks there and it was very hard for him to be so far away from his family. (for him and us!) 🙌 BUT he found life and hope at that clinic! He found such an opposite outlook that I’m so glad he was able to experience!

So that leads me to now… I’ve had bits of a vision for a place of hope here in Northwest Arkansas for the last few years. Lately, it seems God has refined and given me a clearer picture of just what this could be.

I’m ready for there to be a haven of hope HERE where people can gather and learn about God’s medicine, use equipment that will help them heal, and give them a place to go for prayer and wellness coaching! I’m more than ready to share the knowledge I’ve gathered on my personal journey and I’m eager for believers to join together because I believe we are stronger together!

So that’s it! That’s the dream on my heart! Would you pray for me? Pray for the courage to follow each step God has for me. I’d also love for you to pray about the other believers I know He wants me to partner with to bring this to fruition. I know that by myself it just won’t happen—maybe this will resonate with those reading and maybe it’s YOU that He wants to join me. I don’t know—I just felt called to share and ask for prayer!

p.s. the photo is a cute little wellness center I found in WI, not the one in FL

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The Start of Something New ~ Prayer Request

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