I started out my health journey seeking a healthy life–free from cancer. What I found out was 70-90% of cancers are a result of our diet, lifestyle, environmental toxins and stress. The cancer industry wants you to think that cancer is just bad luck, but as little as 5% is due to genetics! 

So your choices matter! 

This slide deck shows you some clean options to the environmental toxins you are exposed to everyday in your own home. 

Eating healthy takes some work…but this part is Easy! You just Ditch & Switch! You ditch those things that are exposing your body to unnecessary toxins and switch to safe products that don’t add to your toxic load, releasing your body to work on other things.


Young Living has set the standard for high quality products for over 25 years. I started out researching all the ingredients and quickly realized that over and over they chose to use a higher quality ingredient for better results and better health benefits for me and my family! 

You can trust them–you don’t have to spend hours researching ingredients when you buy from Young Living. I recommend the Thieves Kit for getting started with a Toxin-Free home. You can get your own at myYL.com/STylerND 

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