DSC_0485I put together an awesome list based on some personal uses and a few reference books HOWEVER, due to FDA regulations I have removed my original post. 

UPDATE March 2017: I now can update this post with some information that is compliant but also hopefully helpful!!!

First, lets start with Dilution – it’s important to dilute oils you use with your children. Essential oils are powerful and more is NOT better. For reference, a teaspoon is considered 5ml so the following drops are to be diluted in 2 teaspoons of carrier oil. 

Download a one page sheet with the recipes listed above! Click on the graphic below to download a .pdf

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Using Essential Oils with Babies or Toddlers
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5 thoughts on “Using Essential Oils with Babies or Toddlers

  • Thank you for this helpful information. I have a question about thyme. I was looking into changing tea tree do to another one for my homemade y babywipes, 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with a tbl olive oil off coconut oil with a cup and quarter water. Could I substitute the tea tree oil with thyme since they share the same antiseptic qualities? Another question is/about black cumin eo is this a safe option for let’s say bath time?

  • With thieves oil, how dilute does it need to be for a four month old? Also, how should I apply the marjoram for colic?

    1. The dilution ratio given on a bottle of Thieves is 1 drop to 4 drops carrier oil. If using on their feet, I’m comfortable using this dilution ratio. But you may want to dilute further.

  • Hi, thank you for your post! Is it possible for a baby to have an allergic reaction to an oil? Thieves specifically?

    1. Dr. David Stewart says no, not a true allergic reaction. I’ve used it diluted just a little, but since Thieves does contain some strong oils….others suggest using VERY diluted. In the “Gentle Babies” book by Debra Raybern she suggests a general 1:30 ratio for using essential oils with babies.

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