I jumped on Facebook Live to explain the different Young Living Toothpastes and give a couple tips!

Also a warning that I forgot to give – Fluoride – it’s what many think they need to avoid when they choose a natural brand.

Yes this is true, BUT don’t just look for NO fluoride!

There are so called ‘natural’ brands that have no fluoride but still have nasty ingredients like triclosan or sodium lauryl sulfate or propylene glycol….so you still have to read the label!!!

I love shopping from Young Living because I know that I can order ANYTHING from them and know that I’m getting a safe & effective product. It will be safe for me, my kids and even the earth when it goes down the drain!

Here’s the toothpastes I share in the video:

aromabright AromaBright toothpaste – comes in a larger 4oz tube or you can get a 5 pack of 2oz tubes; this one has a light peppermint taste and the consistency of normal toothpaste

KidScents Slique toothpaste – this is the one that tastes orange & sweet

Dentarome Plus – this is the spicier, cinnamint-type flavor that has more baking soda

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What’s the Difference with Young Living Toothpastes?

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