In yesterday’s post we talked about price and how Young Living oils are not the cheapest. We can argue all day on who has the best. Many want to see scientific tests to prove efficacy.

I found a blog where a group of people gathered and paid for testing of five different brands of myrrh essential oils. Here’s the post for you to read for yourself. In short, the results showed all five brands tested well.

So is there more to these essential oils than GC/MS can tell? Honestly, I have no idea. But the following story leads me to believe that we are missing something!

This personal testimony comes from my friend Fern:

I have had fibromyalgia for many years and I also have double scoliosis which both causing much pain. I was having wonderful experiences with Raindrop from my massage therapist for several sessions with the pain being drastically reduced and the spine being straightened without any chiropractic adjustments and this was occurring only through the use of Young Living Essential Oils. Then I started having very poor results and thought maybe I had just reached my “limit” or was having a bad day or something. One day as we’re talking about oils she had told me she started just buying oils at the health food store because they were so much cheaper. She bought a variety of different brands and was using them over a period of time in her Raindrop sessions. I wondered if that could be why my great results were no longer happening and I was still having a lot of pain. She tried Young Living Oils again and I received a great Raindrop with the dramatic results I had been having prior. Then all of a sudden the results fell off again and I immediately asked her if she had switched oils again and she confirmed that she had, but said these were organic, therapeutic grade oils and were very good. I do not remember the brand name, but I told her again that I was not experiencing the same good results. She again tried the YL oils and I again had the same excellent Raindrop results. But, all of a sudden she decided to try another brand of oils, so I decided to go to a different massage therapist. I don’t know the difference in all the essential oils, however, I know what makes me feel good and reduces the pain and the YL oils give me the results that no other oils have done.

So many people have wonderful testimonies like this…Check out Oil-Testimonials for some amazing testimonies.

So what do you believe? The science? or the personal testimonies?

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